• Source Workspace




    Enhancing the privacy of any interior space



    Source Workspace is a pioneer and leading company in manufacturing and developing modular private spaces – it is our sole focus as a company. Our privacy pod provides a peaceful environment for phone calls, video conferences and a silent retreat for uninterrupted work, our booth is designed with your office in mind.

  • Just imagine that ONE of our 4x8 PET acoustical panels actually recycles the equivalent of 280 – 16oz plastic drinking water bottles.

    Our PET is green certified utilizing more then 50% post consumer recycled content.


    Innovative Acoustics

    Design responsibly with Acoustics

    Why use a natural material from the earth when you can use PET to achieve the same look with acoustical properties?

    A unique high definition printing process directly on PET is here




    Where can you use a non-toxic, thermal insulating product that is both functional and decorative?


    Contract Interiors FURNITURE hospitality HOME IMPROVEMENT do it yourself, schools INSTITUTIONS healthcare signage AUDIO VISUAL Rooms corporate branding TRADE SHOW booths AUTOMOTIVE industry and so many more verticals.....






    Where does PET Acoustical material belong?


    Walls, screens, space dividers, ceiling baffles, partitions, free standing furniture mounted work station just to name a few.




    We keep great company...top tier global manufacturers are ready and willing to connect with you and your company.



    Source worldwide, customize and develop the best market offerings for OEM's with emphasis on quality and marketability driving our recommendations.


    Provide enhancement of our clients existing product lines and to stay ahead of market trends.

    Supply Chain Management


    Proven supply chain management with existing and growing solid base of Class A suppliers. Strict vetting and quality control standards. We have built solid relationships through mutual trust and experience.


    Solid relationships with logistics providers.



    Facilitate vertical integration between OEM customers and suppliers which flattens out the supply chain profit structure.


    Extensive experience negotiating exclusive and or limited distribution contracts.


    Design | Prototype | Production

    Lead clients towards product differentiation strategies through customization.


    Focus on finished goods and components for any workspace, hospitality, institutional and entertainment environments,

    government for acoustical products, height adjustable workstations, metal and laminate storage, ergonomic solutions, seating and more.


    Design and prototyping services available.




    Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, OEM suppliers, big box retailers, on line retailers, architects, builders and designers.


    Proven track record of numerous successful products launched in the marketplace.



    Value Engineering



    Utilize expertise to value engineer products to meet market pricing demands.


    Quality and trust is paramount.